The story of my company began in Greece 40 years ago.

    I was a young boy wondering what to do with my life. In those days there was a carpentry workshop in every neighborhood.
   So it was a natural place for me to start my career as I like to work with my hands.
   Carpentry did not have the automation that exists today, so I had the opportunity
to get in depth knowledge of the properties of wood and how the various types of
trees behave, as well as which tools to use for various results. Much better than
just pressing a button on a machine.
   After some time of training I established my own business focusing on interior
carpentry such as custom made kitchens and closets as well as tailor made
carpentry constructions of commercial spaces.
   The financial crisis in Greece put a stop to the development of my business as I
could not afford to keep up with the technology in wood processing.

   My next move was to look for places that would provide me an opportunity to
grow a modern production unit meeting the needs of modern design in the
carpentry market.
   Norway was the place for me.
   Ηere I found people who love wood and are able to appreciate a construction
designed exclusively for them.
   Ηere I found architects and designers, who in a very professional way, guided me
to create products meeting the expectations of the customer, as well as the
construction requirements issued by the authorities.
   The workshop has been operating in Oslo for some years now, and with the help
of some specialized carpenters we proceed with enthusiasm and dedication to
create an impeccable production unit.
                                                                                          Nikolaos Pavlidis